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iDplus logoiDentity+ - iD+ - is for young people age 17 and over.

So you’re age over 17 and looking for friends, a safe place to go, an opportunity to chat, escape, relax, just to be. On a Sunday evening, what do you do? Where do you go?

For young people, particularly on a Sunday evening, life can be full of emotional challenges as the result of an exuberant weekend. Perhaps the looming pressures of college, or work, or the continuing monotony of unemployment.

iD+ is a good starting point. Meeting for just a short time from 7:45pm to 9:15pm on a Sunday evening, we have the privilege of being with around 12 – 15 young adults, many of whom do not have a faith or any form of Christian influence upon them.

Since our beginning in February 2015 numbers have slowly grown as word has spread. We play a few table top games. We eat food. We chat together. We are family. And we are able to inject Christian values into conversations.

Christian input is, by necessity, soft and low key whilst relationships are built and trust earned. But we have good and valuable group discussions about Christian ethics, even if not everyone realises it!

We would love you to be involved. There are three main ways you can show your support:


Please thank God for the young people who come. Thank God that they are comfortable with us and that they are spreading the word about the group. Ask God that He will soften their hearts to be receptive to Christian influence. Ask God for Him to break into their lives and for them to become Christians! Please also pray for the group’s current leaders; Des, for inspiration as he sensitively introduces Christian themes into group discussion. For Stephen, Craig, Teresa and Phil as they mingle, chat, play games. And most importantly, that we will listen!


During an early session, one of the young people asked where the cake came from that they were enjoying. We told them that someone from the Church couldn’t get involved on a Sunday night, but wanted to show their support and had made the cake. Tears were seen as the person realised that they were being loved. You can make a powerful difference, simply by baking, or providing some snacks. Up for it?


Would you join-in, maybe once a month? A couple of hours of time invested after an evening service. What a difference that would make!

For more information, click here to contact Stephanie Muncherji at the church office.

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