Life Groups

We encourage people to meet together during the week in Life Groups. 

These are smaller groups of people, meeting in someone's home, following a basic structure of:

  • Study the word of God in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere;
  • Pray for each other and those who are known to them;
  • Share in supportive fellowship;
  • Grow together in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Life Groups take place usually once a fortnight on a Wednesday evening in different homes around the town. Life Groups are great places to meet new Christians, be encouraged in our journey with Jesus, enjoy friendship and fellowship, and learn more about God.

Most gatherings are dedicated to study, though from time to time an evening might be more social; a time to relax with each other or to do something different. Some Life Groups also meet on the fifth Wednesday.

For those where evenings are not convenient there is also an afternoon Life Group that meets on Wednesdays at 2.30pm at the church.

For more information about Life Groups click here to contact our administrator Stephanie at the church office.

Reflections from 2015, by Ruth Osborne

There are currently eight groups meeting, with one group meeting on Wednesday afternoon, one group meeting on alternate Tuesdays and the remainder meeting on Wednesday evenings.

The Life Group study series during 2015 have been:

January to March

The theme was prayer, through the eyes of Abraham, Moses, Nehemiah, Daniel, David, Paul and Jesus. We learnt how to pray, how to bless others through prayer and how to pray with confidence.

April to May

The main activity was engagement with the evangelism training course 'Brighter', led by the evangelist Chris Duffett. This focused on our faith and our investment in our mission as the body of Christ.

June to July

Working through the book of Jonah, we explored his disobedience, his prayer, his obedience and his anger. We asked the question of how this elates to our lives.

September to December

We began looking at "The person and work of the Holy Spirit", and these studies continued into 2016. The study aim was to enable each of us to gain a knowledge of who the Holy Spirit is, to translate that knowledge into a deeper, intimate and personal relationship with God. At the end of the studies we expected to recognise the difference that the Holy Spirit could make in our lives, and we expected an awakening and transformation beyond recognition.

In July the Life Group leaders spent a half day in fellowship together, beginning with a time of worship and praise, with Biblical encouragement from Romans chapter 8 verses 5 - 11 and from Ephesians chapter 5 verse 18. Then there was a time of reflection, response and sharing what works well within individual groups. Part of the morning was spent focusing on the Holy Spirit and prayer ministry within Life Groups. We used Job's life story as an encouragement, highlighting God's care, His listening ear and answer to prayer.

The aim of Life Groups remains the same, to encourage friendships, pastoral care and support, but not least to encourage spiritual growth and discipleship which fills us to overflowing with an outward-looking spirit.

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