Drop-in - What we will NOT do

Many of the issues facing homeless and vulnerable people can pull at the heart strings ...

... and produce responses that are not helpful to the very person needing help.

In particular we will not provide tents and cooking equipment to homeless people. This only helps a homeless person to maintain their homeless state.  However, what we will do is signpost the person to an appropriate agency who can help them. When someone is prepared to properly engage, there are organisations who can help with emergency and longer term housing.

We will not provide food parcels. Instead, we will signpost people to organisations who can assess the need and give more appropriate food help than we can, beyond our provision of a hot meal at the time(s) we are open.

Our drop-in is a place of safety, respite for a few hours, a place where a free meal can be enjoyed in the company of friends, and where information can be gained as to where to go for help with the needs the individual has.  And if someone wants to talk about spiritual things whilst they are with us, we are happy to listen, discuss and pray.  No strings attached!

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