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Sunday 28th May

There were possibly fewer friends at Street Church today, but it was a beautiful sunny Bank Holiday afternoon with many other activities in progress elsewhere, and understandably many preferred to stay outside. We are grateful to Park Avenue United Reformed Church for a lovely tea complimented by their cheerful presence.

The bottled water disappeared quite quickly and, although the cupboard was not officially open, there was a need to provide some emergency clothing which we were able to do, and for which the recipient was really grateful.

John gave his own testimony to an attentive audience. It was a really powerful presentation which led to friends taking Bibles and New Testaments (including Polish versions) in order to follow up what he had said. The good news is that we are running out of Christian books and literature and are really pleased to have to ask you for more!

Thank you for all that you do in whatever way. You may not realise how valuable your contribution is to the work of Street Church but God has put it on your heart for a reason. May He richly bless you in all that you do, the results of which we might never see this side of heaven.

Thank you especially for your prayers which are vital and more powerful than we often realise, Next week Silverstone will be catering for us and we look forward to seeing our friends in the catering team.

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Wishing you God's richest blessings,
The Street Church team

Sunday 21st May

Phew! That was a busy way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but what better way is there? Lovely sunny day which seems to generally mean lovely sunny dispositions.

There was a hiccup with the catering but everyone rallied round and someone who came to cut hair ended up happily working in the kitchen and two of our guests did some drying up too! Thank you to everyone who showed a real spirit of unity and pulled it all together! To be asked to help can be a real self esteem booster for our guests too.

One young man was very sad as his dog of fifteen years died on Friday and he was in a lot of pain with his back too. He readily accepted prayer and I pray that he will soon be feeling better.

Pampering was as popular as ever and thanks to a new foot spa, fan, reclining chair and towels etc. it was a little bit special today. My first person to use the foot spa was nearly engulfed in the bubbles but thankfully all was well after that! Trial and error! We had a full house of barbers/hairdressers and that makes such a difference. An apprentice barber came along too and was very confident! I hope that we see him again.

Abington Avenue URC will be catering for us next week. Thank you for your continued prayers and support, both of which are much appreciated. I close with a little poem that I wanted to share with you all. Have a blessed week.

 Oh I do love pampering at Streetchurch,
I admit that I love every minute!
I was on foot spa duty and all went well,
Except the amount of bubbly that someone put in it!


Lots of lovely haircuts, with all looking smart,
With barbers for the men and stylists for the girls,
Some much preferring a short back and sides,
And others choosing to keep their curls.


I don't know what it is about Streetchurch,
But I left with my spirits lifted high.
The cares of my world all forgotten,
Rich in blessings that money can't buy.

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Wishing you God's richest blessings,
The Street Church team

Sunday 7th May

A beautiful sunny afternoon heralded a sunny atmosphere inside as well as outside Mount Pleasant Church. It's often the case that fewer guests attend when it is warm outside; not so today, 60+ came. It's always popular when the cupboard is open and plenty of clothes etc were sorted and given out by the "A Team". The food looked really good and was provided by Kingdom Life Church - thank you!

It was encouraging that one of the visitors from St Peter's Church, who came last week to see what goes on, decided to return as a volunteer this week. We really hope that she decides to come on a regular basis.

Thought for the day involved the participation of one of the regulars at Street Church, who proved to be a real star. The topic was "Do you realise how special you are?" By the end of the talk many of the listeners were joining in with her responses and she received a great round of applause from her friends.The answer to the question is, of course, that if Jesus was willing to die for her then she must be someone very special indeed!

One of the helpers had put some of her favourite leaflets out on the tables before the guests arrived: they happened to be identical to those that the speaker had planned to give out, a really affirming "coincidence".

Next week Emmanuel Church will be catering. Apologies if there is no blog next week, but normal service will be resumed the following week!

Thank you for all that you do. We really value your prayerful support. May The Lord richly bless you.

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Wishing you God's richest blessings,
The Street Church team

Sunday 30th April

About 60 friends gathered for a great meal this afternoon. One of the guests said how much she enjoyed it and there was very little left on the plates with plenty to take home afterwards -a very good sign.

We were really grateful to have four young people from St. Peter's Church in Weston Favell who had come with Richard to help with catering, but also as observers to see what goes on and perhaps prospective volunteers - that would be so good! One of the visitors commented on the lovely atmosphere. There were some helpful conversations taking place too.

The cupboard wasn't officially open but we were able to distribute basic clothing and plenty of toiletries thanks to your generosity.

Richard provided the music and Paul the "Thought for the Day". As usual this was well received and was an encouraging message for all present. Please pray that his words will be remembered and that they will change people's lives.

Please continue to pray for the work. We are always grateful for all that you do in so many ways. Next week Kingdom Life Church will be catering for us.

May The Lord richly bless you all,

For more information about Street Church and how you can get involved, click here to go to our website.

Wishing you God's richest blessings,
The Street Church team

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