Sunday 10th September

Today at Streetchurch was another busy but generally good humoured day. The Cathedral team pulled out all the stops and there was lots of good food to be shared. The broccoli and stilton soup proved to be very popular!

We were blessed to have good conversations with those who are not always confident to share their feelings and at those times we are blessed to know that we are trusted with such conversations. As with all relationships it takes a while to build up trust but that trust can be broken so easily and we are all aware of that. I look around my house at all my "stuff" and cannot imagine having all my possessions in a  bag on my back. Often feelings are also packed away and carried on backs and I am thankful that we can help to unpack some of these feelings. To lighten emotional loads.

The very welcome music of Dick and Sue was great and they played such a wide variety of music from Christian songs to the songs of the late Glenn Campbell. We do look forward to and appreciate their monthly visits!

After several months and more than several emails I finally had an email last week to confirm that Mr David Laing, who is the Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire, will be joining us at the pampering session next Sunday! I gave a short talk at a multi-faith meeting with him way back at the beginning of the year and the emails have been flowing ever since. I made sure that we were kept on the front burner as they say, so I must confess to being a little bit excited! I am not wearing my best frock to wash feet and everything will be as normal but it will also be a very special time so we all would value your prayers.

On a more practical note we are much in need of jeans and tee shirts as always. Thank you.

I am pleased to welcome the Rev Liz Adams to our weekly report as the new minister of Castle Hill URC where the Tuesday Streetchurch drop in is hosted. 

Next week the food will be provided by the New Testament Church of God and as always we are thankful for those who are serving.

For more information about Street Church and how you can get involved, click here to go to our website.

Wishing you God's richest blessings,
The Street Church team

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