Mozambique: Liz and Sergio

Vilela family 2015 03Liz and Sergio are serving in Beira, Mozambique. They are working alongside the Mozambican Baptist Convention helping to build capacity in youth ministry and community projects.

Liz and Sergio met in Brazil when she volunteered with YWAM during her university holidays. Sergio was already working as a mission worker with them. After marrying in 2007 they continued to work in Brazil for another year and then both felt called by God to do some Christian work in England. As a result they have spent three years as youth pastors at Saffron Walden Baptist Church, which is now their sending church.

Liz and Sergio knew moving to England would not be long term as they had always felt a call to mission overseas. So when their time at the church ended in 2011, they felt it was right to seek opportunities to work with BMS.

They have one daughter, Chloe.

The following is an update from Liz and Sergio on the 1st June 2015, on their 1st year anniversary of working in Mozambique ...

Last week we returned to Beira after a lovely holiday, without realising that it was the same day that we arrived in Beira 1 year ago. This past year has gone very fast. We have:

  • learnt lots – like how to be patient, how to deal with all the people that ask for money;
  • been through a few difficulties when trying to understand another culture and their world view, and having cockroaches in the bathroom;
  • experienced new things – like the chapa rides into town (public transport), no electricity, very loud music from the neighbour when you have electricity (but you are happy because you have electricity), malaria.

We are ready and rejuvenated for a new year here, thankful to God for this opportunity He has given us, and open and willing to do what He has for us in this second year.

We wanted to give you more of an idea of where we live, so here is a video that someone filmed of the journey from town to our house. It goes quite fast but watch out for:

  • potholes in the road;
  • the Chopellas – form of public transport;
  • men sitting on the back of the truck;
  • people everywhere – on the side of the road, crossing the road;
  • the traffic lights;
  • people selling things at the side of the road, goods on the pavement;
  • the man outside the car park collecting water from a puddle;
  • palm trees;
  • bikers without helmets;
  • rubbish left on the roadside.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us in any way and blessed us during this first year in Mozambique.

Driving in Mozambique

Introducing Liz

Meet Sergio

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