Chatterbox - for children aged 0 to 4. 

Chatterbox is a group for toddlers and their carers on a Monday and Wednesday morning at Mount Pleasant Church.

Whether you are a mum, dad, granny, granddad, auntie, uncle or childminder, come along with your child. Meet other people looking after children and socialise, and allow your children to play in a safe environment.
Every Monday and Wednesday, 9:30am to 11:15am
There is a charge of £1.50 per family per session to help with running costs.

Reflections from 2015, by Jackie Coles

Chatterbox has continued with the morning programme of free play, toast, craft and singing. The sports hall space enables the children to play both on the carpet with the small equipment, explore the climbing frame, and the sit-and-ride toys in the wider space.

Over 80 families and carers attend, some coming every morning, others once or twice in the week.

We enjoyed two outings to Rookery Farm; a morning trip after Easter to see the new born lambs, and a full day in July when the weather was better.

The Christmas party was well attended; after some Christmas crafts and a re-telling of the Nativity, the children received a small present and a Christian book from Father Christmas, and the morning ended with sausage and chips!

For more information, click here to contact Stephanie Muncherji at the church office.