As part of our discipleship programme we will be running the 'Freedom in Christ' course in September.  This is a 10 week course designed for Christians who want to mature in their faith and become disciples who 'bear much fruit'. Christians from other Churches are welcome.

This is no ordinary course! It centres on the person of Jesus Christ and focuses on our relationship with Him.  It is about deepening our trust and confidence in Him, it is about knowing the truth as proclaimed in the Bible an acting on it, it is about identifying those things that hold us back from being all He wants us to be and walking free of them, it is about so much more... We recommend it to you!

The course begins on Monday 24th September at 7:30pm and on successive Mondays for 10 weeks.  If you would like to take part please contact Erwin or Hefina, or Stephanie (Church Operational Manager) on 01604 516809